Our Founder

Dee Sherry, the Founder and CEO at AccentuRate, is responsible for the marketing programs and brand management for the company’s clients. Prior to founding AccentuRate, she worked in advertising and account management at several companies during her decades long career.

Her client list has included some of the largest retailers in the United States in beauty, home improvement, pet supplies, and value shopping. More recently, Dee has focused her career on helping law firms, rental property businesses, medical offices, hospice, nursing homes and tech startups.

Dee’s greatest strengths are her drive, leadership and passion for helping her clients. She thrives on challenges and turning chaos into order. A methodical thinker, Dee is able to break down complex problems into manageable tasks, prioritize each and take action to ensure that client deadlines and specifications are met.

As a leader, Dee values mentoring and open communication to ensure those around her have the skills to succeed.

Dee holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Clarion University. A native of Pennsylvania, she has called Pittsburgh her home since 1996.