Online Reputation Management and Review Generation are Key Factors to a Successful Business

Business owners know that effectively managing their online reputation is important but many fail to do it.  Many times we get a call when a business owner finds a negative review that someone has pointed out to them. By the time that review is discovered, who knows how many potential clients have read that review.

It is time to make reputation management the priority it needs to be for your business.

Online reputation management is an ongoing process, it isn’t one that can be done once and forgotten. Relevant and timely reviews will drive customers to your business.  Timely and proper responses to reviews show potential clients that you are engaged or dispute negative comments.

BrightLocal recently released their Local Consumer Review Survey with the latest data on the trends in online review generation. The statistics are astounding. Here are our top 5:

91% – The number of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 who trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from family and friends.

This is huge because consumers are actively reading reviews of local businesses and trusting what they read. No matter how a consumer learns of your business, they will research it online.

89% – The number of consumers who read the responses business owners write in response to reviews.

We can’t tell you how many business owners tell us that they don’t respond to reviews. For instance, they don’t thank people for leaving good reviews and they don’t address bad reviews in an appropriate manner. Lack of response is a commentary on your customer service and shows consumers that you aren’t engaged.

86% – The number of consumers who read online reviews.

A whopping 86% of people who are researching where to spend their money are looking at your reviews. What they see will influence their buying decision. And old reviews aren’t going to cut it. If your most recent review is more than 3 months old it doesn’t hold the same clout as a review that is 1 month old.

57% – The number of consumers who will only use a business with a 4+ star rating.

In 2017, this percentage was 48%. Consumers are raising their expectations. If you remain unengaged in generating positive reviews, consumers will take their business elsewhere.

40 – The number of reviews a business must have in order to be believable to consumers.

This one is important. You have to be actively engaging your customers to leave reviews. We know that 40 reviews may seem a little daunting, but with dedication, you can get there. And based on this statistic, you have to get there.

The bottom line is this – your online reputation is driven by reviews. If you are struggling to get reviews or aren’t even sure how to start, call us at 1-888-703-5515. We can help you!