Social Media Management for Businesses

Having a good social media presence is vital to a good online presence.  Do your social media accounts accurately represent your business?  How often do you share original content and how often is your content liked or shared by your followers?

AccentuRate can help you create and manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and other professional networking sites.  We monitor and update all pages to make sure that brand stays consistent across the web.

We can also help you create meaningful ads for all your social media channels. Our social media team will collaborate with you to develop the ads that make the most impact.

Different businesses have different social media goals.  Unlike other large companies who manage social media by just re-posting canned content or generic blogs, we offer a personalized management plan based on your goals, your market and your target audience.  A social media management plan for a restaurant should look very different than a social media schedule for a personal injury lawyer.  We spend time interviewing our clients and working closely to make sure that everything that is posted is the correct representation of your business.

Call us today for a social media evaluation and find out if we are the right fit for your needs.